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Confidentiality And Security


All services being rendered over our site belong to our Company, titled ACG Reklam İletişim A.Ş., which is registered to the address of www.liftorbis.com and are operated by the named Company.

Our Company may collect personal data for miscellaneous purposes. How such personal data are collected, and stored is described below.

Our Store collects certain personal information (name-surname, company details, phone no., postal/e-mail address, etc.) of its members from the Membership Forms, or such other forms, or questionnaires handed to them in out Store, which are filled in by them.

Our Company may deliver to its customers and members campaign details, new product details, promotional offers on various occasions. While our members may make all the decisions regarding whether they would like to receive such details at the time they become members, they may further make any change in such choices of theirs via the account details section, or make respective notifications via the link included in such information bulletins they are to receive.

The personal information being delivered to our store via electronic environment during the approval process being carried out either over our store, or via e-mail, shall not be disclosed to third parties due to any reason other than the purposes and the scope specified under the "User Contract" being executed with our Members.

Our Company saves, and makes use of the IP addresses of its members for the purposes of identifying the problems related with the system, and solving the problems and disputes that may arise with regard to the service being rendered as soon as possible. IP addresses may further be used for identifying the users generally, and for collecting comprehensive demographical information.

Our Company is also entitled to make use of the information it requires for enabling either itself, or its collaborators conduct direct marketing, other than the purposes and the scope specified under the aforementioned User Contract. Personal information may further be used for keeping in touch with the users in cases of necessity. Information being required by our Company, or provided by the users, as well as the information related with the processes being conducted over our Store may be used, without disclosing the identities of our members, for the purposes of making miscellaneous assessments, creating a database, and in market surveys, other than those specified under the same User Contract.

Our Company undertakes to keep the confidential information as private and confidential by all means, to assume it as a secret-keeping obligation, to assure and maintain its confidentiality, to take all measures, and pay utmost attention necessary in order to prevent confidential information from coming into public domain in part or as a whole, and its unauthorized use, or its disclosure to third parties as well.


Our Company primarily concerns with the security of the credit card holders, who do sopping via our shopping sites. Your credit card details are by no means being stored within our system.

There are two things you need to pay attention to when you enter into the transaction process, so as to understand that you are in a secure website. One of them is a key or padlock symbol at the bottom line of your browser. It indicates that you are in a secure webpage, and all kind of your information is encrypted and protected. Such information is only used depending on the payment transactions process, and in line with the instruction you give. During shopping, the details related to the credit card used is delivered to the respective bank without any intervention of our shopping sites, in order to be encrypted and queried with 256 bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol. When the card's availability is verified, the respective shopping transaction is resumed. Since no information related to the card can be displayed and recorded, the third persons are prevented to seize such information under any circumstances.
Reliability of the payment/invoice/delivery address details of the orders being placed online via credit card is checked against Credit Card Fraud by our Company. Thus, accuracy of the financial and address/phone no. details of the customers that are to place order via our shopping sites for the first time should be approved at first, so that their orders may proceed to the supply and delivery phase. Either the credit card holder him/herself, or the related bank is contacted in order to check the aforementioned details, if necessary.
Only you can access and change all the details you provided throughout your subscription process. It is not possible for others to access your details and change them as long as you keep your member login details details safe. For this purpose, your membership processes are conducted within the 128 bit SSL security field. This system is an international encryption standard, which is impossible to be hacked.

Internet shopping sites, in which customer hotlines/services are available, and open address and phone no. details are given, are preferred the most nowadays. Thus, you may obtain solid information not only regarding any problem that concerns you, but also regarding the authenticity of the company that offers online shopping services.

Note: We recommend you to check whether the company's open address and phone no. is given in an internet shopping site. If you are to do shopping, check all the phone no. / address details of the store you purchase your goods from before proceeding with your shopping transaction. If you still feel insecure, confirm such details by calling the respective store before proceeding with your shopping transaction. All information regarding our Company, including the location thereof, is given in all the online shopping sites that belong to our Company.


Your ID and credit card details that you are to provide us via mail-order credit card method shall be retained by our Company in compliance with the principle of confidentiality. Such information is retained for a period of 60 days against any dispute that may be encountered with the related bank regarding money withdrawal from credit card, and deleted thereafter. There is no risk in this respect, since you are entitled to object against the bank, and block the respective payment, in case any sum more than the amount of the mail-order form that is certified by you, and sent to us thereupon in provision of the price of the goods you have ordered, shall be withdrawn from your card.

Our store may place links to other sites within its own website. Our Company assumes no responsibility regarding the confidentiality applications and contents of the sites that are accessed via such links. Advertisements being aired in the site belonging to our Company are distributed to our users by the mediation of of our business partners dealing in advertising. Confidentiality Policy Principles stipulated hereunder are applicable not to the third party websites, but only to the use of our Store.

Subject to these "Confidentiality Policy" provisions, our Company may disclose the information appertaining to the users to the third parties under the following exceptional circumstances:
1. To conform to obligations imposed by applicable legal rules and introduced by the competent judicial authorities such as Law, Statutory Decree, By-law etc.;
2. To fulfill the requirements of the "Membership Contract", and any other contracts executed by and between our Store and the users, to put the same into effect;
3. To be asked by the competent administrative and judicial authority of information related to users for the conduct of a proper examination or investigation;
4. As well as the cases when it is required to give information to protect the rights and security of the users.

Never type your credit card number or password in the e-mails you are to send to our Store's Customer Services regarding any order you have placed. The information contained in the e-mails may be seen by third persons. Our Company may by no means guarantee the security of the information extracted from your e-mails.

Our Company may obtain information regarding the users having visited our store, and their use of the website by making use of a technical communication file (Cookie). The aforementioned technical communication files are the small text files that are sent by an internet site to the browser of the user, in order to be saved in the main memory. The technical communication file eases the use of Internet by keeping the statuses and choices related to the site.

The technical communication file assists in obtaining statistical information regarding how many persons have visited the site, for which reason, and how many times a particular person has visited the site, and how long such persons have stayed in the site, and in dynamically creating advertisements and contents from the user pages designed specifically for the users. The technical communication file has not been designed so as to extract any data, or any other personal information either from the main memory, or from your e-mails. Although most of the browsers have been designed as accepting the technical communication file in their default forms, the users are able to change their settings in a way to reject the input of the technical communication files, or to be warned at times when the technical communication files are sent.

Our Company is entitled to change these "Confidentiality Policy" provisions anytime by way of having such changed provisions published in the site, or sending the users e-mails regarding the same. In case of a change in the Confidentiality Policy provisions, it is to become effective as from the date it has been published.

For any further questions or suggestions regarding our privacy policy, please send us e-mail to the address of info@liforbis.com You may get in touch with our Company by means of the following contact detaşls.

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