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What is Lift Orbis?


You are the producer!

Creating a good company profile page is important to make your presence globally known and form the basis of future business relationships, no matter on which platform you are (Social Media-Official Web page, etc.). In “Liftorbis.com”, you can easily introduce yourself in the network of Elevator industry experts who operate worldwide. The profile of your company , which you created in "Liftorbis.com", can be viewed worldwide. It increases your ranking in Google-like search engines. For your potential trading partners, it provides a quick overview about your strengths and the services which you offer. Through the correct configuration of all this, you get valuable, up-to-date and qualitative business links where you can increase your marketing opportunities.  

Liftorbis.com means maximum market presence and competitive advantage for you because

You will be in the elevator industry database, which will locally and globally become the largest in the world soon

You will improve your company's ranking in Google

You will be a part of the fast-growing Elevator Sector and will benefit from an international network

The market will recognize you faster thanks to your profile on Liftorbis.com

You will get the advantage of new business opportunities and have easy access to job offers

Potential business partners can see your strengths, browsing at your company profile on Liftorbis.com

You can update your interactive company profile at any time

Do you need new customers to offer your products to new markets or grow in your existing market? Through a few clicks, Liftorbis.com finds the most suitable demands for your company and products from thousands of product / service requests thanks to its smart filtering features. It directly provides you the product / service requests created from the criteria that you choose. Within the search results, you can see the details of all product / service requests. With a click, you can directly learn who your business partner is, the profile of his company and much more, and you can let him know about your business request. Through its easy-to-use functions, you can get information about your requests or the status of your offers.

"Liftorbis.com" is your solution in such cases:

When you are looking for job offers about your new products or services in the low business volume in the short term

When you want to create and submit job offers about your products and services in the high business volume or machine failures

When you search for job offers to provide products and services to local or global markets

When you want a business instrument, which has been developed specifically for your industry - like Google

When you want to benefit from the digitalization and Industry 4.0 opportunity for your competitive advantage

When you want to access professional solutions for daily problem solutions

When you want to determine market developments just in time to make the right strategic decisions on issues such as investment and production trends

The marketing and technical support departments of elevator.com.tr conduct a full-time study and business development program with internationally experienced staff to ensure your success.


Use “Liftorbis.com” for your business achievement because

Ad campaigns such as Adwords, Banners, social media, trade shows and TV ads create new job offers effectively through global marketing techniques 
"elevator.com.tr" is constantly being developed in order to be the world's largest elevator industry database. It enables data flow and communication between new buyers and lift companies everyday


You are the purchaser!

Create your job offers and contact your suppliers. Briefly describe the product, service or project which you request and enter the details. Then, your job offer is immediately published on elevator.com.tr and can be seen worldwide for its users quickly! Do you want to see who is interested in your job offer and when? “Liftorbis.com” provides you an excellent summary. You can choose from the reliable companies recommended by elevator.com.tr to find your most ideal trading partner for your demand with the reporting functions, individual insight and e-mail notifications!

"elevator.com.tr" is your solution in such cases:

When you want to get all the advantages of digital announcement procedures and all the advantages promising success through the Industry 4.0

When you want to find local or global qualified suppliers

When you want to keep your supplier network up-to-date continuously and optimized

When you look for highly qualified suppliers for long-term and secure business partnerships

When you want to design announcement procedures easily, efficiently, fast and full detailed

When you need a short-term delivery dated product / service and project

When you want a Google & Co like business instrument which is specifically developed for your sector


Use “Liftorbis.com” for your rapid, easy and permanent business success...!